Awards & Testimonials

1987 W.O.O.D. Inc. Architectural Award for Excellence  

1988 W.O.O.D. Inc. Architectural Award for Excellence    

2001 Home Builders’ Association of Metro Denver, Colorado Awards for Remodeling Excellence

1st Place —"Interior Remodel, No Space Added"    

2001 Home Builders’ Association of Metro Denver, Colorado Awards for Remodeling Excellence

1st Place —"Basement Remodel over $50,000"    

2001 Home Builders’ Association of Metro Denver, Colorado Awards for Remodeling Excellence

1st Place —"Specialty Remodel"    

2005 Home Builders’ Association of Metro Denver, Colorado Awards for Remodeling Excellence 

1st Place —"Historic Remodel"

2014 Home Builder's Association of Metro Denver Colorado Awards for Remodeling Excellence

1st Place - "Addition over $1 Million"




I am a Project Manager in the Outdoor Living Industry. I work with hundreds of architects each month.

With no exception, Robert Larsen is the most professional, creative and detail oriented architect I have ever had the pleasure of working with on a project. His 35+ years experience as well as his credentials (AIA Architect) will serve any client well.

Robert's ability to listen to a client's vision for their project and provide a creative solution that accomplishes the project goals is unsurpassed in the architectural community.

His phenomenal portfolio speaks for itself.

If you are seeking an architect that will help you achieve your dreams . . . look no further than Robert R. Larsen A.I.A. !!!

Jeff M.


My wife and I hired Mr Larsen to come up with a plan and drawings for our 1500 sq ft unfinished basement in November of 2014.

We had never done a project like this before and his fee seemed a bit steep to us at first but I quickly learned that what you pay for in the services of a professional like Mr Larsen is saved many times. It was 5% of the total investment but the other 95% would have been a heck of a lot more without it. This was my life lesson in the value of good architects!

I especially liked that Mr Larsen provided two sets of draft drawings for the project. Both were very logical and he was honest and accurate about which he preferred and why.

I cannot recommend Mr Larsen highly enough. In addition to the quality of his work he is very personable, communicative, and easy to work with.

Ted Wagner, Ken Caryl, CO


I highly recommend Robert Larsen as an architect for your home. My husband and I have worked with Bob for more than a decade now, beginning with embellishments to our first home in Greenwood Village, and then the design and construction of our dream home in Cherry Hills Village--a 15,000 square foot Italian-style villa.

When we decided to move to a larger home, and my husband wanted to build, I agreed only if Bob was our architect. Bob worked with us painstakingly and patiently throughout the 18-month design process and the 3-year construction process. The final product reflects his deep expertise in both classical design and period-style design, as well as his attention to detail.

Bob never missed a deadline during the design and construction process, and in fact, came to our rescue on several occasions as we encountered construction or interior design issues.

We continue to involve Bob in each refinement to the interior and exterior of our home, because his vision and our vision have become synonymous, and we would never dream of changing this masterpiece without his counsel!

Karen Leaffer
Cherry Hills, Colorado


As an architect Bob is extremely seasoned and highly competent. There were many grand challenges in our large renovation project and Bob was unflappable when addressing each one. He had spot-on solutions and produced impressive and highly technical drawings which made our contractor's job much easier and had the ultimate effect of producing a highly successful outcome.

Most impressive is Bob's loyalty to his client, which is rock solid. He stands committed to his client and will fight to insure that the wishes of his client be met. He is tireless in his efforts to this end.

We were fortunate to have found and hired Bob Larsen for our project. The result has been a beautiful home and a new and loyal friendship.

Linda Keenan
Denver, Colorado


Bob We originally used your services because you came highly recommended by a number of local design professionals.

We found your attention to detail and the care you took in making certain your designs were properly executed was extraordinary. You took our ideas and expressed them in a way we could not. Your attitude of seeing the job through until the client is completely satisfied, even if it means modifying the design, is exemplary. We received great value for your services, and would absolutely use you again.

Best regards,
Cherry Hills, Colorado


Dear Bob, When we decided to add on to our Denver home, we were looking for an architect who could work with us even though we were living abroad. We were referred to you by our real estate agent who had heard that you were willing to work with clients who were not in the state. We depended on you to help us achieve our vision, and the designs were just what we were looking for. You listened to our desires for our project and you incorporated those desires into the completed project.

We had heard horror stories of projects going horribly wrong, over budget or extending time frames. Being abroad we trusted you to manage the building to achieve our design. We had communications from you every week so we could follow and comment on the project the entire way. Because of our close contact we never worried about things going wrong.

The design of our additions has greatly improved the function, balance and value of our home. When we tell of our experiences we realize how very lucky we were to have you as our architect. Your services were definitely worth the money we invested in your fees. We got what we had hoped for from your architectural services, and more.
Claire & Steve Parker


Dear Bob:

With this letter I am enclosing a signed copy of the Certificate of Substantial Completion.

Mary and I are very happy to reach this point, and I'm sure that you share our feelings.

Let me say that from the very outset of this project I was very apprehensive about remodeling of present structures and adding to them. You put our minds at ease in this regard, and as you developed your drawings our level of comfort kept rising.

Mary and I are very pleased with the final work product. You have done an outstanding job of accommodating our wishes, and architecturally causing both the new and the old to blend together so beautifully. And besides, you're sure nice to work with!

We are hoping to schedule a reception for some of the people involved in this project. We look forward to seeing you at that party.

With kindest regards,

John C. Ostlund.
Remount Ranch
Buford, Wyoming


"Negotiations with my brother began and finally we reached the conclusion which left Mary and me as the sole owners of Remount Ranch. I carefully analyzed our accounts to give us the peace of mind that we could handle it financially through the coming years. Once the deeds were signed, Mary and I began seriously to plan major remodeling at Remount. Although we generally had ideas about what we wanted to accomplish, we needed to have an architect with whom we could place our confidence. We found such a fellow. His name was Robert Larsen and at that time he was on the staff of Claus Heppner and Associates in Denver. Bob Larsen had respect for the historical and seemed to know just how to blend the new with the old. On top of that, he was a pleasure to work with. Since completing our job, Bob Larsen is now self-employed as an independent architect and I understand he is keeping very busy in the Denver area."

John C. Ostlund in his biography "Quite a Life"


Dear Bob:

I want to take this opportunity to salute you for your professional ability as an architect and designer, and to thank you for the professional manner at which you administered the work performed at the Remount Ranch addition, renovation, and remodel.

The Project as a whole could not have been a more complete success. A success of which you played a very instrumental part. Personally, I know myself, it required an Architect with the rare ability of possessing true concern for the job, as well as the sensitive ability to administer new construction and design without changing the historic accent or mood of the project.

For our own part I would like to reflect that you are one of the most personable and understanding architect s we have ever worked with. You administered the project in such a manner which made the most difficult of jobs a pleasure for not only we the Contractors, but I believe the Owner as well.

Our only hope in closing this letter is that we may have the opportunity to work together again someday.

With personal regards,
William J. Edwards
Edwards Construction Inc.
Cheyenne, Wyoming